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Disclaimer Agreement

About this Website
Future Renewables Eco plc trading as is not directly authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Neither the website nor its contents should be construed as advice or any form of recommendation to any individual or entity that may be considering their investment options. Future Renewables Eco plc is issuing Bonds that are Non Readily Realisable Securities. Any marketing promotion for this product is specifically not directed to clients in the UK other than Exempt Investors and Self-Certified Restricted, High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors.

The intention of Future Renewables Eco plc is not to seek any investment in bonds by you visiting this site. The contents of the website are not to be considered as a prospectus. The purpose of this site is to explain the nature of Future Renewables Eco plc. The Directors are not making any recommendation as to whether you should or should not buy Bonds in the Company.

Risk Warning
All investments carry an element of risk. This risk may stem from their leverage, illiquidity, investment horizon and other general risks associated with investments such as market and inflation risks. These risks include loss of capital, illiquidity risk due to the absence of a viable secondary market for a specific product, that dividends will not be declared and shareholder value dilution. Investment value may rise or fall due to interest rate changes, currency exchange rate changes, world markets volatility.  Some investments can encounter value fluctuations and significant volatility in a short space of time. This may result in an increased risk of loss of capital.

Past performance of a specific investment or asset class is not a guarantee of future performance. You may not get back the amount you invested.  Any investment should be made after seeking the advice and guidance of a regulated or appropriately authorised financial advisor.